Shortfilms 3: Sex, Lies & modern Relationships




Russian Federation, Duration: 21 min

Director: Shtol Olga

Cast: Ekaterina Volkova, Konstantin Yushkevich, Sergey Diev


This is a film is about the value of human life.

Faa IheIhe

United Kingdom, Duration: 5 min

Director: Daniel Michalos

Cast: Idil Ünver, Shin-Fei Chen, Daphne Qhah, Mei Mac


Marla wants to be Japanese. She works in a dance club and all the other women make fun of her.  With every word, with every gesture she wants to change her looks until  she takes to the extreme. FAA IHEIHE is a parable about the desire to adapt and how far you would go, set against the backdrop of plastic surgery in Asian countries.


The man & the sea

Australia, Duration: 3 min

Director: Andrew Kaineder

Cast: Derek Hynd


Free one's board from fins, and free one's self - the philosophy of one of Australia's great authentic surfers.  Presenting a stripped back portrait of Derek Hynd, shot in Winter of 2015, over 2 weeks at Jeffrey's Bay.

War & Peace

Jangh o Sol

Germany, Duration: 5 min

Director: Mojtaba Yari


Jangh o Sol (War & Peace) is a fantasy music video acting in an indefinite country and showing an army officer and his soldiers leaving for war. Whereas suddenly there comes a message that the war is over - now and forever. A dream - that all of us - are living for.

Brother's Keeper

United States, Duration: 9 min

Director: Stephen Parry

Cast: Mason D. Davis, Channon Voyce


Two brother's encounter an escaped convict while camping.

follow me

Austria, Duration: 5 min

Director: Grohmann, Dieter - Michael

Cast: Pepe, Shantala


The soul is a vast country. The film 'follow me' starring Shantala Pepe is solely anchored in this 'vast country'. Attempting to escape from her inner self followed by panic attacks as well as quiet moments, the protagonist eventually faces her demons. Afflicted by doubts and quiet desperation she realises that there is only one way out: to let go and give herself over to what is meant to be. In fact and amazingly to her this was her very own gateway to deliverance, inner peace and freedom.   The film is being set on the outer and most fragile edge of the soul - delving into the depth of the psyche, in the realm between dream and reality and constantly trying to get to the bottom of whether the inner subjective experience is not actually the true reality. 

Game of life

Le grand jeu

France, Duration: 13 min

Director: Vialleton Agnès

Cast: Mathieu Bisson, Aurélien Liermann


Mathias and Alex meet in the early morning, on a small parking lot in the middle of nowhere. The two men know each other well, but they seem to be worlds apart. However, they share a secret. This year again, nothing could distract them from what they're determined to accomplish.  What will their mysterious and whimsical undertaking reveal? 



Germany, Duration: 10 min

Director: Ralf Beyerle

Cast: Iris Becher, Sebastian Schwarz

When you wake up in a strange bed the morning after a party, you find that it's often the small things that raise the questions of greatest importance. A film about the time between yesterday and today.


Proverbial Luck

Das sprichwörtliche Glück

Austria, Duration: 5 min

Director: Dave Lojek, Steffi Sixdorf

Cast: Magdalena Plöchl, Benedikt Vyplel

Idioms garnish our language, but are often hard to translate. This comedy helps to illustrate them and tells the story of two neighbours, who become enamoured. The "foam-beater" (boaster) Hanspeter throws an eye after an addleheaded Annemarie, but she just "shows him the bird" (indicates that he is chuckoo). So he has to "jump over his shadow" (take the plunge) and get a foot in her door. Amusement for all proverb fans who love to make whoopee, gaze into the pale blue yonder, or get to the point.


The Cricket and the Ant

La Cigale et la Fourmi

Germany, Duration: 15 min

Director: Julia Ritschel

Cast: Elisa Schlott, Tabita Johannes, Eva Nürnberg


Right before graduation, 18-year old student Lena is interested in only one thing: French. However, she doesnʼt actually care for the language itself, her enthusiasm really lies in her teacher Katharina. The two disparate women bond through a secret love, which is brought to an end when Katharina chooses to go back to her old ways. Heartbroken, Lena has to face reality by asking herself where she wants to go in life and if thereʼs another way than the one of “The Cricket and the Ant”.