Shortfilms 2: Science Fiction & Fantasy



United States, Duration: 5 min

Director: Steve Kopera

Cast: Axel Harney


A lonely astronomer discovers extraterrestrial life.


Germany, Duration: 20 min

Director: Murat Eyüp Gönültas 

Cast: Halit Dajdzo, Mustafa A. Kuzu, Lin Gothoni


An old hunter finds the lost rosary of a mysterious Saracenic princess, which keeps an old secret power.


The Bob Bemer Legacy

Germany, Duration: 4 min

Director: Benjamin Herkert

Cast: Nadine Knobloch


Hannas works every day in a dark room and mounts black keys into keyboards.  One day a white ESC-key occurs, it opens a portal into another world, Hanna escapes. She escaped her usual reality deep into the space.



Russian Federation, Duration: 6 min

Director: Artem Makarevich

Cast: Daria Makarova


What if there’s a language that everyone in the Universe understands? This short story is about a girl who can speak that language and knows how to overcome her fear. This is a story about something that we all can  – be a little kinder to each other.



United States, Duration: 7 min

Director: Julius Damenz

Cast: Morgan Findlay, Dan Irwin, Ted Joerding


Infinite is an experimental short film that explores the elements of existentialism and death in a poetic way as the narrator takes the audience on an emotional journey through different stages in his life.

Short Time Heros


Germany, Duration: 45 min

Director: Christine Wagner

Cast: Thomas Scharf , Jürgen Haug, Francesco Pahlevan


It is the year 2025. Under the direction of David Joshua, head of the space agency ISA, Captain Herc Heros and his crew embark on the first faster than light flight of humanity. Any of the previous attempts failed and the crews were lost. During the flight this crew also sleds into an impervious maelstrom of seemingly unexplainable events.