Shortfilms 1: Hearts full of pain

SCHAUBURG | 7 p.m.

Lonely Planet

United States, Duration: 25 min

Director: Alex Burunova

Cast: Nadine Nicole Heimann, Roger Batalla


While on a temporary assignment in Barcelona, a restless travel guide writer meets a tall dark stranger who challenges her to live in the moment... with him.

Welcome to Denmark

Velkommen til Danmark

Denmark , Duration: 10 min

Director: Oscar Anker Wiedemann

Cast: Pernille Højmark, Ata Man, William Halken


A woman decides to pick up a refugee and drive him across the border to Sweden. Risking prosecution and jail time if caught, she tries to deal with her choice of action. Can she help him all the way?


Belgium, Duration: 7 min

Director: Tine Lammens

Cast: Sofie Hoflack, Andy Van Kerschaver


Ambivalence tells the story of Nora, who lives a very eccentric life. She looks at her life as if it’s a rollercoaster that's only going up. But Nora doesn’t realize that her cheerful nature might also have a very dark edge.


United Kingdom, Duration: 9 min

Director: Carolina Giammetta

Cast: Joe Tucker, Deborah Cornelius


When a husband’s abuse shifts from his wife to his small daughter, he is so consumed by guilt that he becomes the creator of his own retribution.


Germany, Duration: 29 min

Director: Alex Schaad

Cast: Dimitrij Schaad, Petra M. Nerette, Ulrich Wessel


The young teacher Michael Gewa receives mysterious message – the personal rating service ’’b.good’’ has bought his online and mobile data to evaluate his professional skills and his personality in several categories.  After neglecting the consequences, he finds himself in a moral fight for trust in the midst of students, colleagues and friends.


Me the People

Ich, das Volk

Germany, Duration: 10 min

Director: Christoph Hertel

Cast: Jan Krebs


We followed Rene, a German "Wutbürger" ("enraged citizen", also known as "besorgter Bürger", which means "worried citizen") with the camera. Rene is speculating a lot. After he moved from West to East Germany because of too many foreigners in his home town, he now is attending the LEGIDA-demonstrations. To prevent the devastation of his habitat, "going for a walk" every Monday seems to be the best solution. Beside severe xenophobia of course. The official slogan of the starry-eyed idealists is to take even people like Rene seriously. So we did. This documentary is a vivid portrait of a really frightened person. Nevertheless it shows how the protagonist tries to improve his situation by working really hard. The film upholds the freedom of speech and at the same time confirms that the lying press really is a lying press.