Schwein gehabt! - programme

112 Pizza

One day a woman calls 911 to order a pizza...


Belgium 2016 | 7 mins

director: Elefterios Zacharopoulos

cast: Thierry Fremont, Lola Deawer

That's life

Beth is having "one of those days" where nothing is going right; she's woken up in bed with one night stand, she can't remember his name and she's late for a new job.


Australia 2017 | 5 mins

director: Katherine Rogers

cast: Alix Armstrong, Kaeng Chan


A little girl can't sleep. Every time her daddy turns off the lights, she hears strange noises inside her bedroom...


Germany 2016 | 2 mins

director: Nadine Knobloch

cast: Raphaèl Nybl, Sarah Lesser, Sophie Lesser

Blind Date

Two attractive guys have dates. But one of these dates takes a surprising end.


Germany 2017 | 6 mins

director: Thorsten Homberger

cast: Marting Schöndorfer, Michael Glantschnig


When fear drags you into the confines of the mind, from where it's better to stay out, from where it's impossible to escape; they will be there, in the darkness, waiting for you.


Uruguay 2016 | 6 mins

director: Charles Bolprand

cast: Claudia Rivarelli

Hunt and Prey

Maria and Radu are a couple in love planning their wedding. But there is a secret between them that will chance their lives forever. Based on the short story of the same title by Alicia Sérieux.


Germany 2014 | 13 mins

director: Nadine Knobloch

cast: Gregory B. Waldis, Marie Nasemann, Erik Rastetter

Try a little tenderness

Maria and Radu are a couple in love planning their wedding. But there is a secret between them that will chance their lives forever. Based on the short story of the same title by Alicia Sérieux.


USA 2016 | 4 mins

director: Roy Wol

cast: Alice Tan Ridley


An alienated man bonds with an extraterrestrial character who arrives to earth looking for natural resources for his planet, MAxx defies the local authorities to help the alien go back home.


Spain 2016 | 10 mins

director: Ricardo Pérez

cast: Patrick Cooley, Kika Magalhaes, Jeff Solomon

LGoony - Heilig

"We have never done anything bad, we are holy!"


Germany 2016 | 3 mins

director: Maximilian-Andreas Schmidt

cast: Martin Schnippa, Laura Sophie Becker, Gian Luca Rausch


A man and a woman meet in a bar for the first time.


Switzerland 2017 | 4 mins

director: Anaëlle Morf

cast: Camille Bouzaglo, Elidan Arzoni, Jacob Barber

Sci-Fi Disco

Official video of ELECTRO BABYs single track "Sci-Fi Disco".


Germany 2011 | 7 mins




Official video of ELECTRO BABYs single track "Sci-Fi Disco".


United Kingdom 2017 | 9 mins

director: David Izatt

cast: Rhea Clarke, Marcus MacLeod

In between

Ahmad is forced to leave Syria during the Arab Spring. As a refugee, he enters he enters a ship he hopes will bring him safely to Europe. 


Germany 2016 | 8 mins

director: Nora Johanna Brockamp

A job interview

In Greece, during the hardship years of the economic crisis and the unemployment boost, another job interview is taking place; but things are not always how they appear; or are they?


Greece 2016 | 7 mins

director: Antonis Glaros

cast: Argyris Thanasoulas, Praxitelis Mastoras, Michalis Tsoukalas

Forgotten life


I wanted to find out what dementia is for relatives. What are people going through.


Switzerland 2016 | 4 mins

director: Philip Spaar

cast: Beatrice Rohner



After a traumatic accident, Clara refuses to talk. But this is not an impediment for her visiting cousin who finds a way to communicate with her.


Canada 2017 | 7 mins

director: Maia Costea

cast: Mae Pearce, Carla Costea



She's young. She's in trouble. She's staring at the mirror looking for answers.


USA 2016 | 3 mins

director: Sara Eustaquio

cast: Jaimie Marchuk

Polka Dott


Dott has a wonderful and wild imagination. She likes to be silly and enjoys a good homonym. She can "knot" say "know" to ice cream. Sometimes she imagines being a very spoiled princess.


USA 2016 | 7 mins

director: Cynthia Pepper

cast: Talya Satkin

Not here


She wants the life, he wants the baby.


Iran 2016 | 13 mins

director: Nader Khaledian

cast: Tomaj Daneshbehzadi, Sara Rasoulzadeh

dying for a LIVING

A sensitive, contrasting portrait of Shaun Morris, a 57 year old extroverted undertaker living hand-to-mouth in Southampton. Surviving on a zero hours contract, the opportunity of a permanent job appears which could change his life dramatically.


United Kingdom 2017 | 13 mins

director: Adriana Falcinelli

cast: Shaun Morris

Until the End of the World

In a field, a man wakes up attached, gagged and handcuffed to a suitcase. He does not know how he arrived there. He tries to release himself, in vain. A vehicle arrives far off at his level...


France 2017 | 15 mins

director: Benjamin Sebire

cast: Adrien Dalang, Julia Myriam Sadel, Hervé Alex Colombel

The Beast Underneath

On the 27th of February 2016, in the city of La Baie, Quebec, the famous fisherman Marc Gagnon discovered a new species of halibut that could reach several meters. Because the man is always looking for controlling the nature. How far his megalomania is going to take him?


Switzerland 2016 | 13 mins

director: Anaëlle Morf

cast: Marc-André Perrier, Gabriel Fortin, Guylaine Rivard

Memento Mori

"Do you fear death? Don't be frightened..."


Germany 2016 | 13 mins

director: Nina Schiena

cast: Jens Reuter


An isolated young teenager tries to find escapism from the pressures of holding together her father as he declines into a pattern of depression and alcohol abuse.


United Kingdom 2016 | 12 mins

director: Colin Ross Smith

cast: Briony Monroe, Joe Cassidy


"Panthers" delivers a powerful insight into ice hockey. Focusing on professional team Nottingham Panthers of the Elite Ice Hockey League and narrated by forward, assistant coach, and 20-year pro David Clarke, "Panthers" captures the brutality and beauty of the sport.


United Kingdom 2017 | 12 mins

director: Jake Cauty

In My Heart

Inside a young man's heart, manifestations of his romantic failings fight to convince his newest flame that a relationship with him is a mistake.


Canada 2017 | 12 mins

director: Marcus Mullen

cast: Anesha Bailey, Carey Feehan, Laura Mitchell


A short film about a young Norse man being pressured to duel by father to settle a dispute between two clans.


United Kingdom 2016 | 12 mins

director: Tariq Keblaoui

cast: Eddie Toll, Mace Richards, Lee Partridge

Losing Life

John is a rich and successful man. He has two kids and a beautiful wife. One day, John develops a headache and goes to see Dr. Joseph. After giving John diagnostic tests and prescribing medication for his headaches, Dr. Joseph tells John that the tests show that he has been sterile since birth...  


USA 2017 | 12 mins

director: Musab Alamri

cast: Fahad Olayan, David E. Ballard, Simren Lalani